New Generations IT Experts

Corporate Computer Services was founded in 1998 by a mix of new generation IT experts and savvy business-minded professionals. Our staff augmentation and IT consulting services provide strategic IT support that is centered on developing staffing plans that offer businesses on-demand talent, while keeping their staffing costs under-budget.

At Corporate Computer Services, we believe that successful technology initiatives require four elements:

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    Access to specialized IT Talent—on demand

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    Skilled leadership

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    Excellent communication

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    Flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions

As a Tier 1 supplier for some of the world's largest organizations, we’re well adept at handling major IT challenges. Our technology staffing specialists possess a unique combination of technical expertise and business acumen to go beyond simply fulfilling your IT needs. We take the time to fully understand your overall business objectives in order to create progressive staffing plans that will enable you to meet all your goals and stay under budget.

Our Mission

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    Ensure our clients gain a competitive advantage in their markets by providing them flexible and affordable, end-to-end strategic IT initiatives.

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    Create and foster highly advanced technological talent in our company that consistently improves the quality and measure of our services.

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    Garner the trust and repute of our clients and partners alike and hence ensure honesty and transparency in every relationship we build.

Value Proposition

  • For Clients:

    We offer on-demand talent at affordable prices with a strong emphasis on matching capacity to workload.

    We recruit only highly talented consultants who can provide the IT skills needed to exceed the expectations of our clients. In fact, our retention rate with clients on assignments is 100%.

    We are able to attract and retain talented consultants due to our industry leading compensation packages. By treating our employees with the utmost respect we have been able to offer experienced consultants that have a proven track record of delivering long-term value.

  • For Employees:

    We provide talented IT consultants with lucrative consulting assignments and outsourced projects at some of the world’s most respected organizations.

    We offer dynamic consulting opportunities and extremely generous compensation packages.

    We are very flexible with our consultants. Our recruiters will work with you to find exactly the type of assignment that fits your skills and interests.

    We offer flexibility and variety to top IT professionals.