A History of Success

Established as a Michigan corporation to provide high level IT services at affordable rates.

Created by a group of experienced IT professionals with the business acumen to truly understand an organization’s objectives.


Expanded consultant placement 100%..

Strengthened recruiting resources in the US and overseas to fulfill increasing demand.

Developed unique and streamlined service offerings to provide help with specific IT initiatives.


Opened two additional offices in Chicago and Delaware to oversee regional demand for talent.

Created a division to handle outsourced projects for clients.

Employee base increased 500% since incorporation.


CCS was able to sustain the severe economic conditions and a weak labor market owing to the slowdown through continuous assignments for our existing consultants.

Successfully provided a team of 10 java developers, team leads and project manager talent for a financial services company to complete development of a customized accounting package.

2001 & 2002

Increased and strengthened our recruiting activity to meet the demand of an improving market.

Nearly doubled our employee base since 2000 to handle increasing project demands.

Provided a team of SAP technical and functional consultants support for a version upgrade for A LARGE telecommunications COMPANY—completing the project ahead of schedule and below budget.


Surpassed our projected growth goals of 50% each year.

Broadened our portfolio of offerings to include, project management, and market research activities.

Maintained a loyal client base that includes 100 of the Fortune 500 companies.

2004 - 2015

Corporate Computer Services Inc is pleased to announce that it shall acquire all assets and interests of the "Enterprise Applications Services Division " of Ibelsoft Inc which is a well-established High-tech consulting firm in Florida. After the acquisition, our company shall become even stronger by combining work forces through acquisition. We also anticipate business expansion as a result of this acquisition.